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action. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thanks, if the president and congress are not able to avoid the fiscal cliff experts say people here in california will be hit especially hard because prop 30 voted into law in november will mean higher sales taxes and income taxes on the state's top earners. the fiscal cliff would add to that, hitting all americans with higher taxes. >> i don't know there is a word to describe how pissed the public is going to be, nobody going to be happy to see that happen. >> if taxes go up on everybody it is not going to be a happy time but i think that is inevitably what is going to happen. >> the tax policy center says the lowest income people will shrink over 3%, average owners 4% and top earns about six%, secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to return to work next week, a spokesman for her says she continues to recuperate at home and well resume her work schedule next week. doctors say she contracted a stomach virus and became dehydrated and fainted and hit her head and diagnosed with a concussion and has not been seen in public sinc
're -- resolved and open and you're good. mike, jessica back to you. >>> thank you. president obama and congress got back to work yesterday trying to find some sort of a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. there were signs of both hope and discouragement as both sides agreed the talk. >> back to work is relative when you call it work and what seems top a pattern both sides once again blaming each other for the stalemate. tara mergener has more from capitol hill. >> reporter: business owner don says he's already feeling the impact. >> a lot of our customers are holding back. they're apprehensive. they're not committing to projects, they're waiting to see what's going to happen with the fiscal cliff. >> reporter: and hope is fading that congress can get a deal done before tax hikes and spending cuts kick in january 1st. >> i am not optimistic. >> reporter: even congressional leaders are cemental. >> the american people have a right to be very upset with this congress. >> reporter: president obama invited pelosi, john boehner and harry reid to the white house this afternoon for a fiscal cliff summit.
, still strut around congress, no shame, demanding favors and acting like we should thank them. does anyone here have a problem with that? well, i do, too. i do, too. >> yes, look out. here comes elizabeth warren. and then this happened on live tv. >> what do you want me to tell romney? i can't tell him. he can't do that to himself. >> sorry, clint. the empty chair won. but more than anything, 2012 was about fairness. it was the year of the great american debate of what kind of country we should be. what role government should play. americans voted for compassionate, hopeful and clear view. it was the year for the immigrants and the middle class and the poor. and it was an honor to be there to bring it to you. our "politics nation" family all yearlong. from reenacting dr. martin luther king's march from voter rights to broadcasting from dexter avenue when dr. king preached during the civil rights movement, to fighting for justice in florida, for young teen gunned down named travon martin. this year, americans showed the desire that people must be heard. and that is progress. no matte
. >> thanks. >>> there is one way to save money if congress doesn't resolve the fiscal cliff. fill out the application for the homestead tax credit a half million maryland home own verse not filled out -- homeowners have not filled out the form. yo no -- you no longer get the credit automatically. you have to fill out the application to cut out the fraud. >> we have been a homeowner for 30 years so i wantmy money. >> everybody has 2 amcation --applications mailed to their home. >> you must have be application post marched by december 31st. go to our website for more information. >>> put the harps back in the closet the words from former president george h.w. bush to those concerned about his health this morning. his family is confident he will be out of the icu very soon. he is treated in the intensive care unit for a fever at the hospital in houston where he's been for a while. the 88-year-old has been in the hospital for more than a month after first coming down with broonchitis. he is the oldest living former president. >>> and one of the nation's top warriors is being remembered fo
with environmental pressure groups. and i think you know, it could be embarrassing. tom: myron thank you for joining us. congress -- republican congressman ben harper is joining me about that e-mail situation, congressman, do have you plans for lisa jackson to come before your committee to testify. >> i think we almost have a rve parking pce for lisa jackson on capitol hill for the many times she has appeared before our commity and others. and it is a great concern. i know that this is being looked at and it is amazing there could be 12,000 e-mails perhaps more, that will shed some light o this. but tom, one thing i can assure you, i would almost rest assure there is no one using a private e-mail account for official business today. so, as we get to the bottom of what is taking place with lisa jackson. tom: i am looking at a letter sense out today by committee of science, space and technology, they are talking about a man in department of energy, running the loan gar abty program who was using private e-mail accounts and office of science and technology, technology officer there conducting business
in sequester cuts and that is a story we'll follow all weekend long. back to you in the studio. >> and thank you very much. >>> essentially, we remain in a stalemate tonight and congress returned yesterday to the senate, the house will be back on monday and they have three days to work it out. >>> and turning our attention to the other big story to the day. snow coming to the d.c. area and should start to see the white stuff coming overnight. gary mcgrady is joining us now. how much can we expect? >> reporter: not a lot. pardon me, tom. but we will have a little bit coming on across and looks like an accumulation here in the city. first of all, i want to assure you that this is not a big storm and it's not going have a great impact o cross the area now. and the in fact that it's coming on a saturday is going to be, help us quite a bit, you know. you don't necessarily have to get out. most of us don't with minimal commuting to be done. the snow is arriving for everyone before sunrise. it's going to be be snow and then snow and rain for d.c. and looks like a changeover to mostly rain. the high
me now, national journal, jill lawrence who is out with a new article on congress' growing influence on presidential picks. thanks important being on the show. we appreciate it. >> good to be here, luke. >> we are seeing a level of blocking of the president's nominees for a cabinet position over the last three administrations that's unprecedented in history. i'm going to put it up the screen here. we have failed nominees. seven rejected by congress. 13 withdrew nominations. 20 in total. that's throughout history. entire history of this republic. look back over the last three administrations. search rejected or withdrawn. roughly a third have come in the last three administrations. why is it so difficult these days for a president to get their choice which is afforded to them by winning the election into a cabinet position? >> well, winning doesn't mean as much as it used to. i think it is a reflection of the polarization of the country in general. and just the -- sort of perfection of obstruction techniques in the senate by both parties. and, in fact, it makes a case for reforming th
so, it's also childish. thank you. >>> the longest-serving member of congress from massachusetts is the first to announce he'll run for john kerry's senate seat. ed markey was just elected to his 19th term with 76% of the vote. kerry, as you know, is president obama's pick to succeed hillary clinton as secretary of state. if and when he's confirmed, that senate job will pass to a replacement chosen by the massachusetts governor. then to a win ere of a special election a few months later. a regular election will be held in 2014 when kerry's term would have ended. >>> should teachers be armed in the classroom? big question, lots of answers. about 200 educators in utah are mulling that over today after attending classes on firearm use and safety. the course of geared toward teachers. instructors are not trying to persuade teachers to carry guns in schools, but to provide the information and training they need in the wake of the newtown massacre. the classes have been going on for some time and some teachers are sold on the idea of arming themselves. others simply want to explore the
to "democracy now!" >> thank you. >> your term would be over except you have been called back on sunday, right, to do with the fiscal cliff? >> i have been in washington waiting to see if congress would be called back into session, as it should be. there really is no legitimate reason why the country should be facing serious tax increases for middle-class and also spending cuts that will further slow down the economy. we have made all of the wrong choices. we should be talking about jobs and more people involved in paying taxes. we should be talking about rebuilding america's infrastructure, china has gone ahead with high-speed trains and massive investment in infrastructure. instead, we're back to the same old arguments about taxes and spending without really looking at what we're spending. we just passed the national defense authorization act the other day, another $560 billion just for one year for the war machine. so we're focused on whether or not we will cut domestic programs now? are you kidding me? >> congressman, the recent election was seen by many as a mandate from the electorate to
. that is the latest here at the white house. back to you. >> thank you. >>> what do you think about congress not reaching a deal on the fiscal cliff? do you think it is possible that i compromise will be reached before the deadline. share your comments on our facebook page. just search for fox 5 morning news. no space between fox and the number 5. we may share your comments on air. >> i'm sure you all have a lot to say. we would love to hear t. >>> a big story we are following. norman schwarzkopf has died. the retired general died from come indications of pneumonia. he was given the nickname stormin' norman and best known for leading international forces in iraq against shad's invasion of kuwait in 1991678 the 78-year-old managed to live a quiet retired life in tampa and kept pretty quiet on the u.s.'s decision to go to war with iraq again. >>> also this morning, former president george h. w. bush remains in intensive care at a texas hospital this morning. his chief of staff says his family is confident the 41st president will leave the hospital but expects to be there for a while. he is bat
the initial plan passed. >> peter, thanks. we know everyone's taxes are going up if congress fails to reach a deal. here's the breakdown here. incomes under $20,000 will get hit with a $400 tax hike. between $20,000 and $40,000, more than 1,200 more. $40,000 of $65,000, $1,900 and between $65,000 and $108,000, expect to pay $3,500 more in taxes and anything above that, uncle sam's going to take more than $14,000. joining me to talk about this, congressman yarmuth of kentucky. you are due back in washington sunday we're told. what will you tell your constituents if they're subject to those tax hikes that i just showed? >> well, i'm going to tell them what i've been saying and that is that unfortunately we have a republican majority in the house that doesn't believe in raising taxes on anyone, no matter how well think they may be. and really, is not interested in a balanced approach to deficit reduction. it's been pretty clear that that's the story we have been telling and it happens to be the truth. >> i understand that two of colleagues proposed cuts to medicare for a hike in the debt ceili
as the second term curse. american presidents win re-election to have a rough year thanks to legislative overreach. sometimes it's souring relations with congress, unforeseen external events and of course, scandal. and in his first post-election press conference, the president himself acknowledged his predecessors had their struggles. >> i don't presume that because i won an election that everybody suddenly agrees with me on everything. i'm more than familiar with all of the literature about the presidential overreach in second terms. >> but familiarity doesn't always do the trick. here's president clinton after his re-election in 1996. >> in modern times, second terms for presidents have been either disappointing or disastrous. i wonder if you have drawn any lessons on why that is so. >> the things which derail a second term are basically three. one is some external event intervenes and the president can't fulfill his dreams or hopes for his agenda. sometimes a president thinks he has more of a mandate than he does and tries to do too much. and the third is that sometimes a president es
the soonest a deal may come could wind up being january 3rd when the new congress takes over. reporting live in washington, i'm danielle lee. >> thank you, danielle. >>> millions of americans may watch the ball drop in times square, but a group of democrats is organizing its own ball drop on capitol hill. they will launch their countdown today. they say their ball represents republicans dropping the ball on middle class families should lawmakers fail to reach a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. >>> going over the fiscal cliff could have a huge impact on the local economy. thousands of people can lose their jobs, especially federal employees and government contractors. the defense industry could face billions of dollars in cuts. >> the third largest number of federal employees and probably the largest single number of federal contractors. so that federal nexus is really important to our economy. we need to end the uncertainty. >> economists say it's possible for us to "step over" the cliff. that means lawmakers will reach some kind of a deal in a few weeks after the new year begins. >>> breakin
. >> and happy new year to you. >> thank you, gary. >>> and economists are warning that going over that fiscal cliff could pull us all back into recession. congress impressional democrats attended a new year's eve style rally saying the fiscal cliff ball is in the republican court. surae chinn is on capitol hill. >> i'm urging congress to take action, stop playing games, and let's move on. >> reporter: frustration has boiled over for bob packer, a small business owner. >> i'm disappointed and angry. if they were my representeddives, i'd certainly vote them out of office. >> on tie mitchell of brokering a deal is waning. >> we do have a chance, an outside chance to get this done. >> we need two words. presidential leadership, on not just taxing rich people. >> reporter: some democratic lawmakers are calling on the house speaker to call house republicans back to work. >> bring the house back now. show up to work. >> reporter: the speaker has ordered republicans back on sunday but democrats want them to return sooner. both sides are blaming each other for the lack of compromise. democrats say hou
to congress. "the struggle of today is for a vast future also." the words of abraham lincoln. jim from georgia on the republican line. caller: thank you. the senate has not passed a budget bill in the past three years. does that affect the fiscal cliff? host: more than four years? caller: does that affect our physical cliff? host: that is a larger issue of taxes and spending cuts. caller: thank you. host: bob on the independent line from florida. caller: nobody should worry about the fiscal cliff. asey have everybody's ira's hostage. ira will have to buy ies.sur they are not worried about the budget. everybody that has an ira basically it will have nothing because interest rates will go up so high on the treasury bills in the coming decade. be heldy's ira will hostage. i took money and i put it into gold. i did not pay any taxes on it. possession is 9/10 of the law. let them come and find it. every politician should not take a paycheck. they do not deserve it. they have been bringing our country down. host: in look at what happened jan. uary host: that will happen in january 1 if congr
to get with the program. >> time for "modern family." >> thanks, you guys. have a great new year. >>> coming up, we'll turn to a democratic member of congress for her reaction to today's showdown at the white house. i'm glad we got cdw and cisco to design our data center. yeah, the cisco ucsc series server, with the intel xeon processors, help us scale smoothly, like a perfect golf swing. how was it before? clunky and full of unnecessary impediments. like charles' swing. i heard that. excuse me, sir i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just click away with our free mobile app. sure. cake or pie? pie. apple or cherry? cherry. oil or cream? oil or cream? cream. ♪ [ male announcer ] the sound of reddi-wip is the sound o
that battle. [applause] thank you so much, senator harkin. now it's my honor to introduce one of the leaders from the house that has worked so hard to be a voice for the middle class in the congress when they want to be ignored, and it is my great honor to introduce to you as a congressman van hollen. congressman? [applause] >> thank you very much. let me start by thanking sister. god bless you for your work here and around the country. it's great to be with you and my friend and senate colleague senator harkin who has always been a class for the middle voice and the hard-working american people, and i want to thank all of you for being here today to tell the house republicans not to drop the ball on the middle class, and number one, not dropping the ball on the middle class is for the house of representatives to show up for work. show up for work. to. senator harkin and his colleagues are here in the senate. where is the house of representatives? they are all out on a paid vacation right now. so, first of all, speaker boehner walked out of the negotiations with the president and then he wal
this is only the fifth time congress has worked after christmas. and today's summit is the first time president obama has met face to face with congressional leaders since mid-november. duarte, tick tock. >> thank you. >>> general schwarzkopf is being remembered this morning as a great hero and tactician. as teresa garcia the general died yesterday at his home in tampa from complications related to pneumonia. >> reporter: general h. norman schwarzkopf received military acclaim as a war hero. he led the desert storm, a coalition of 30 countries that successfully drove forces out of saddam hussein's group. >> we're very proud to be able to do this. >> reporter: schwarzkopf was born in 134 in trenton, new jersey. he followed his father's footsteps to west point. in 1966 he volunteered to serve in vietnam. his name name was stormin' norman referring to his notoriously exploding temper. >> going around and little, is that why -- >> around, through, over the top, underneath, and any other way. >> reporter: desert storm topped his 34-year career. general bush awarded him ahmedal of freedom and he was
here. -- god bless you all. [applause] >> thank you for such a sensible message. perhaps congress should do their job. i do believe there is a simple way for but to protect the middle class and would extend one of the best programs that prevents people falling into poverty, the earned income tax credit. let us make sure that congress does there were and let the majority rule. what a novel thought from the congressman. thank you. speaking of small business, we're really honored that the owner of a business in herndon is here to talk to us about the consequences for small businesses. bob. [applause] hello -- >> hello. i own an embroidery franchise out in herndon, va., and we work for small businesses, schools, corporations. i'm happy to be here today to talk to you about the fiscal cliff and how it might affect my business. i am mostly optimistic about our economy in the future, i have grave concerns about what is going on in congress and the potential fiscal cliff we are facing and the elimination of the tax cuts. a lot of the small business owners i talked to and know are in favor
the negotiations. that is the latest here at the white house. back to you. >> thank you. >>> we want to know your thoughts on all of. this what do you think about congress not reaching a deal so far on the fiscal cliff? share your comments on our facebook page. just search for fox 5 morning news. no space between fox and the number 5. we may share your comments on air. >>> also in the news today, remembering an american hero. desert storm commander norman schwarzkopf has died. the retired general died yesterday from come indications of pneumonia. he was given the nickname stormin' norman. >> president george h. w. bush from his hospital bed described him as quote be a good and decent man. the elder bush is still in intensive care in houston but his long time chief of staff says put the harps back in the closet. she says the former president is expected to be in the hospital identify long time but is getting the best care. and his family is still optimistic the 88-year-old will make a full recovery. >>> president vladimir putin just signed a bill banning americans from adopting russian children. i
, one to avoid the full impact of the fiscal cliff. it will allow congress to again take another crack at finding some way to deal with spending cuts and tax reform. gerri: stay with us, rich edson. thank you so much for that report. turning now to our guests. it's up to harry reid and mitch mcconnell, the two leaders in the senate. trying to craft something. how likely is it that there would be a bill that passed the senate and house? after all, that is the problem we have had a long. >> well, first, we have not seen any details of this package. we are talking completely off-the-cuff, but we know will not be at 250. i think carrie reed has problems from new york like dianne feinstein of california, and 250 will be a big pill to swallow. this is a fiscal cliff that we can have 50 days, 60 days down the road. it does not fix the problem if you will have these taxes on $250,000 and above. as rich edson said, this is going to be another deadline in congress has to have. i think everyone needs to get comfortable with the fact that we are going to have these kinds of stopgap last-second dea
're unwilling to support, particularly the extremi tea partiers in the house republican congress increasing tax rates on the wealthier, people who make more than a million a year. it's unbelievable. >> debbie wasserman schultz, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >>> let's bring back ed as well as perry. let el me get your reaction. are write going over? will we get a deal after? >> if they keep talking like that, it looks increasingly likely that we will. a lot of it they probably want to american so that the final day of the year can go off without really know what will happen. >>> so the fact that he's now, you know, open to talking to the white house, going to attend this meeting and seem amenable to some kind of deal that could conceivably start this weekend, say debate start tonight through tomorrow, vote early sunday, the house comes back sunday night. then of course is the markets will continue reacting, and then i suspect the pressure will be on to get something done quickly. >>> let me throw a log on top of this fire. there's the debt ceiling action too. take a listen to this, if y
if congress does not get its act together. >> and also -- this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally. mine was earned off vietnam in 1968. over the south pacific in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >>> well, we have just wrapped up the worst five-day run for the three major averages in six weeks on perceived lack of action and lack of progress from the white house. let's get back to eamon javers who is in front of the white house, and i believe you have a little bit more information us about the fiscal cliff meeting that just broke up be
anderson, senior portfolio manager with congress manage asset. good to see you. >> thank you. >> at this point, what is the risk to the markets? risk to the upside or the downside if a deal is reached? >> well, i first have to tell you that strategically, i'm not really factoring that the whole fiscal cliff picture into a longer term portfolio strategy. i think it's very, very difficult to do that however, like everybody else, we are glued to the headlines to see how this thing is going to play out. butting that being said, i think the main important reason is the continued volatility and also the correlations. you know, i get very concerned about such high correlations. "the journal" this morning talked about, and whatever the resolution will be, and i think thereby a resolution, perhaps not by the end of this year, but certainly within the next month or so, whatever that resolution will be, the longer term prospects for the market are what bother me. and that has to do with what we call these high correlations. >> let's say we are living in a high correlated world. we had l
, hampton. thank you very much. >>> the poll puts you in the shoes of a member of congress. how would you handle the fiscal cliff? go vote the results are coming up. there you see your options. michelle. >>> tyler, one of cnbc's best known traders making a very bold call. get out of everything, everything, all cash. get the take of other -- two other wall street trading pros in two minutes. see if they agree. >>> hi. i'm steven yee. i'm the operating partner of the exchange bar and grill. i'm annoyed. i'm annoyed with the fiscal cliff. we're looking at not knowing what's going to happen. we fall off this cliff and everyone gets affected. there's no trickle down effect, it's more like a slush. we will lose income. the question is how much income are we going to lose? if we fall off the cliff the fear is that we fall off the cliff, not slowly glide down the cliff. government at this point needs to understand that we should be able to trust you to do the right things. put politics aside. think about us, the people. that's why we have government. fix it. this
these proposals unless they get very desperate or creative. patti ann: thank you. gregg: time is ticking away for congress. many lawmakers plan on sticking around the capitol through the weekend. will they have a fiscal cliff deal to vote on before the new year in the latest from washington coming up. >> they are going to be voting sunday night, and then probably watching the skins cowboys game in the cloak room, and then we'll be in session on december 31st as well. gregg:. welcome back. a mother and her 5-year-old daughter lucky to be alive after their suv ran into a frigid lake. the mom was able to pull herself and her daughter out of truck as witnesses jump in to save them. >> the vehicle floated shortly. the occupants were able to get themselves out and then the bystanders went in the water to help them get to shore. >> when i got there to see the truck sink was less than two minutes. the mom gets out of the car and turns around and pulls her daughter out of the, out of the back seat driver's side window. >> i didn't think they were going to make it. gregg: wow, that is amazing. mother a
we can move on from that. sir, we thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. >> juliet: have a good morning. with the fiscal cliff looming, you might be digging deeper into your pockets at the grocery store. this new year, if congress doesn't take action on the farm bill, the cost of milk could more than double. theresa, my friend, is live in new york city and has the details on that. good morning. >> good morning to you. as the clock strikes 12 on december 31, a lot of things in your life are going to end up costing you more, including the cost of milk that is if congress doesn't act. what are we talking about? a truman era law that is tangled up in congress' web. as i mentioned, it expires december 31. if it does, basically the government will be forced to buy vast quantities of milk at twice the wholesale rate, sending the price you pay to 6, 7, even $8 a gallon. some people are calling it a milk cliff, just what we need when we're talking about the fiscal cliff. technically not tied to budget negotiations, but still that money has to come out of your pocket. here is chris
's a word that might apply to this entire fiscal cliff situation. >> major garrett, thank you very much. >>> republican senator bob corker of tennessee has offered proposals in recent weeks to break the stalemate in congress. senator, good morning, good to see you. >> good morning, jeff good to be with you. >> are we going over the cliff? >> well it depends on what that means. i think 98% of the people in our country can be assured that at some point over the next short period of time, their income taxes are going to be the same but this congress as you know has been more prepared than any to deal with the big issues our nation faces and what you're seeing is a lack of courage to deal with the spending issues. unfortunately, you know today the average american doesn't realize that there's 40% of government services that they're not paying for. only one-third of medicare is paid for by those people who actually use it and because there's been this charade going on, where the left and right basically have conspired together to shield the american people from the tr
members of the congress might rung because they risk nothing. they don't risk the congressional seats. ed mackey malden has been there are a long time. but i think scott brown has a small smile on his face. thanks very much. happy weekend. brian, you going to do sports? >> i'm going to do sports. i like how you say markey. >> he always introduces him from massachusetts. >> coming up, the jets find out that greg mcelroy will back up once again. so is it tebow time in noshz? >> let me take a guess. >> first off, you're not going to believe this one. i'm going to start mark sanchez. >> not. no love for tebow. we'll show you what he has to say about it next in sports. hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on
. perhaps up employment extension and other spending to get through the new year, and congress can, yes, kick the can to next year and figure it out, maybe, next year. back to you. dagen: maybe. rich, thank you so much. great to see you. bringing in former democratic senator of north dakota, in washington, d.c.. senator, great to see you. >> good to be here. dagen: this meeting posturing or progress. what say you? >> well, i mean, there needs to be a meeting and pleased the president called one. i sat in meetings like that with republican and democratic presidents at the white house at times like this, but the fact is i think all of the sides here have had a lost opportunity. implication of the cliff was to create a cliff requiring serious people talking about serious things for about three to four or five months prior to the cliff for big solutions to the economic trouble faced. that didn't happen. now we're to the 12th hour, not unusual for political issues these days, unfortunately, but this all reenforces the notion of why gridlock stops progress on everything here in washington. wh
. thank you very much, everybody. >> president obama talking about a possible up or down vote if congress cannot come to an agreement that both houses can agree on. after his meeting earlier today we heard from senate majority leader harry reid and mitch mcconnell and let's hear what they had to say from the floor of the senate. >> what plans we were talking about is that everyone knows we've been to the white house, we had a constructive meeting. we hope that something will -- positive will come out of that. we're working to see what we can come up with. we shouldn't take a long time to do that. i think it would be to everyone's interest that we're not in session tomorrow. my plan to come in at 1:00, we have an hour in our previous agreement that we have. there's an hour of debate, we will have a vote, we have another vote that has been set up. >> you're talking about sunday, right? >> sunday, right. the vote will start a little after 2:00 and for us we're going to have another caucus following that. hopefully by that time we will make that determination senator mcconnell and i will do s
face this fight with a new congress, right? >> yeah. this would be another can-kicking exercise. it would also likely or possibly include any type of spending reform or tax reform to be continued through next year. adam: there's the president. rich, thank you. >> for the past couple of months i've been working with leaders of both parties to try and forge an agreement that would grow our economy and shrink the deficit. a balanced plan that would cut spending in a responsible way but also ask the wealthiest americans to pay a little more. and above all, protect our middle class and everybody who is striving to get into the middle class. i still want to get this done. it is the right thing to do for our families, four or businesses and for our entire economy but the hour for immediate action is here. it is now. we're now at the point where in just four days every american's tax rates are scheduled to go up by law. every american's paycheck will get consider bring smaller. and that would be the wrong thing to do for our economy. it would be bad for middle class families and it woul
. >> exactly. christian, thank you very much. we'll be back in a second. >>> welcome back to "worldwide exchange." i'm kelly evans. >> and i'm louisa bojesen opinion. >>> president obama calls congress back to the capital. >>> investors are bracing for the final eurozone bond sale of the year. italy is expected to see solid demand when it sells up to 6 billion euros of longer dated paper today. >> and japan's finance ministers saying other countries have no right to lecture japan on its currency policy instead calling for the u.s. to seek a stronger dollar. >>> let's take a quick check of the u.s. markets. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 down four days in a row something on the average of 2% when it come to the nasdaq. we're seeing pointed arrows this morning, again. looking to shed three or four points at the open, similar small decline seen for the nasdaq and for the s&p. most are still well in the green for the year, although december will be a down month unless the nasdaq can turn it around quickly. european bourses, the ftse 100 just barely lower, though, not moving too much. the xetra
way. >> i read that you have said that you will not lobby congress. is that correct? >> it is not my intention to be a lobbyist. >> our half hour is finished. thank you, congressman, for your time. but >> on friday's washington journal, a look at the fiscal cliff. an examination of home ownership in the u.s. later, a discussion on poverty and hunger. "washington journal" is live every morning at 7:00 a.m. on c- span. >> the california representative is retiring this year. we spoke with her in november about her time as co-chairman of the progressive caucus, as well as her opposition to the iraq and afghanistan worse. this interview it -- wars. this interview is for 30 minutes. retiring, 20 years in congress. why are you leaving? >> well, i had my i will say it this way, i was elected 20 years ago on my 55th birthday. do the math and 20 years and 75 years old and it is time for me to retire. >> what is next? >> i'm president for americans for democratic action. i was just re-elected for a second term. i follow in the footsteps of george mcgovern and others and i will have a national p
's the latest here at the white house, back to you. >> thank you, sherri. >>> we've been getting responses to the cliff talks on our facebook page. that's where we asked you, what do you think about congress and the white house not reaching a deal on the fiscal cliff? do you think it's possible that a compromise will be reached before the deadline? tammy simpson writes -- peggy fleming says -- >> a lot of people fired up obviously over this. >>> traffic is back to normal on the springfield interchange, even while virginia state police continue to investigate a deadly accident there. this happened around 7:00 last night when a tractor-trailer stopped in traffic, was rear- ended by a pickup truck. three people inside the pickup truck died at the scene. the driver of the tractor- trailer was not hurt. >>> d.c. police are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest in the shooting death of a capitol hill man. jason emma was shot multiple times the morning of christmas eve. he was found sitting in his car. the vehicle was still running. police think he was killed when two me
of polarization in washington. thank you for joining us. the atmosphere of polarization is perhaps clearer today than it has been at any other time. the very reason you stated that you decided not to run for congress. have you hoped that we will be able to get past it to fix this problem? >> absolutely. even under the worst case scenarios i could not imagine that we would be in the position that we're in today during the christmas holiday, still struggling to reach a resolution to this consequential question. it does raise the issue as to what is it going to require for our leadership and for members of congress and the president to get together during these very serious times for this country. >> you know, speaker boehner, harry reid mentioned that they had put a bill forward, the senate put a bill forward in july, the house put a bill forward in august, but the bill in july voted to extend the bush tax cuts to households making under $250,000, in other words to increase taxes for those making above $250,000. you didn't vote in favor of that bill. no republicans did. but now, with a couple of d
time of year. ♪ nice sweater. thank you. >>> here's a look at this year's hot shots. in pakistan, a vendor arranges apples on his donkey cart. a look at laptops at a come utter congress. in albania, a boy looks over the turkeys that he's selling. hot shots, pictures coming in from around the world. >>> former president h.w. bush could soon be released from a houston hospital. lisa silver sister is monitoring that. >> hi, candy. good news on that front. the former president is singing, yes, singing with the hospital doctors and nurses. the family is confident he will soon be able to leave. he's in the intensive care unit being treated for an elevated fever. he was treated for complications due to bronchitis. >>> and a move to lower phone bills for federal inmates. sky high rates, a typical 15-minute state-to-state call can can cost $16 because most prisons cost huge commissions to providers. officials say they want to reign in costs. >>> wall street closed lower for the fifth straight friday and ended the week down almost 2% as fear about the fiscal cliff continues. selling gained
, without such reforms, congress should not simply extend the law for five years. mr. president, i yield the floor. the presiding officer: the senator from oregon. mr. wyden: mr. president, let me just thank my colleague from colorado. he has been a wonderful partner in this matter of trying to strike a balanc balance. how much time remains each side? the presiding officer: the opponents have eight minute--tht minutes and the opponents have two minutes. mr. wyden: let me say this again, that when the chairman said that this amendment seeks to publish names, i would just like to say that's simply factually incorrect. in no way, shape, or form does this amendment seek to publish names, and i want to tell colleagues that if anyone were in connection with this program to seek to publish names, i would vigorously oppose that effort. i simply just want to make sure the record reflects that. now, we've heard by the opponents of this amendment that the intelligence community has already provided the congress with lots of information about the fisa amendments act. the reality, however, is a lot m
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